Sacrifice Before It's My Time

It has been over a month seen my last post for several reasons. I've been adjusting to this assistant manager position that I was promoted to after two weeks on the job. At first, I was hesitate about going for the position because I know how these types of companies work and I just didn't want to keep repeating the same olé pattern like, starting a job and not being satisfied with the how the company operates. Secondly, its not my dream job but it has taught me some skills that I can incorporate into my business and it will open up a lot of other opportunities for me. I refuse to sit down on this blessing in disguise after being unemployed for nearly four in a half years and two degrees later. It just seems like things are happening really fast or I wasn't prepared for it to happen this way for me. Its overwhelming in a good way to the point where it brings tears to my eyes because I've asked people in some high places for help but that only went so far. So, now I feel like there is more in store for me for the remaining of this year and a foundation set for next year. All of this mystery is making me anxious but I know I have to be patient and remain positive. Writing is very therapeutic for me plus, I have a lot of stories to share so I'll be posting more often. Until next, XOXO.

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