Newbie Natural Monday’s: Blowout Review


Over the weekend, I was visiting some relatives in Georgia and while I was there I decided to get a much need blowout and trim at BX Dominican Hair Salon. I walked right in with no appointment and was seated with in five minutes. The stylist assistant (Sister) washed my hair about five times, conditioned, rolled my hair and put me under one of those old school deep hooded dryers that get hotter then your normal dryer. The hotter the dryer got the more I would scoot down in the seat and the assistant would lower the hood. I was glad when I dryer started blowing out cool air because I really didn’t know how much longer I was able to take the heat on my ears.

Once my hair was finished drying, the rollers were removed and the stylist use IC Heat Protector on my hair before she used a hand dryer that was beyond the normal wattage to loosen up the curls. After that, she flat ironed my hair and trimmed my split ends. I must say after not having a trim in over a year she did not have to trim off much. If you are in this area check them out. I also took it upon myself to purchase extra protection in order to keep the results of my blowout by purchasing IC Hair Polisher.

Overall I'm happy with my results and will be returning in 6 months. Why so long? Because to much heat can cause damage and unnecessary trimming could mean cutting hair that doesn't need to be cut. Until next time, thank you for reading XOXO!

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