Power of Women

Saartje Baartman also known as, Sarah or Sara Baartman but no one's sure if this was even her real name because she was a orphan in a military operated raid that took place in Eastern Cape, South Africa. It's possible that Saartje could have been a salve to Dutch farmer Peter Cezar which was under British control. Hendrik Cezar, the brother of Peter was quite interested in Saartje and with the help of a military surgeon who had assisted showmen with animal studies suggested that she take a trip to England for showcasing. Saartje was barely in her 20's when is was sold to London and put on display to be categorized because of her body. Those categories were between "abnormal" for an African American woman and what was "normal" for a Caucasian Woman. Due to the fact, that Saartje's body images such as, her butt, vagina, and facial features were considered different she was labeled as "wild or savage" because these images didn't resemble those of a Caucasian woman. She spent four years in Britain begin examined. After her British owner died, Saartje traveled to Paris with two more showmen. When she arrived to Paris the best of the best (Royalty) gathered in the court grounds to see her and yet again, she was subjected to being examined. Saartje was a hot commodity in sideshows like the Hottentot Venus but once the shows where no longer appealing she lived in poverty and died of a sexually transmitted disease. After her death in 1815, her brain, skeleton, and genitalia were placed on display at the Museum of Man for over a century in a half until her body was laid to rest. The power of a women's body is indescribable because everyone wants to know what makes it a price possession. If the female body is handled with care it can manifest wonderful things but when the female body is taken advantage of or taken lightly things are temporary. For example, Saartje was forced to be a science experiment because her body image was different from what was the so called normal. Even after her death her body was still the topic of discussion. Fast forward, today women have a power that has been used as a give an take system. Women put their bodies on display for little or nothing at all when its our minds that will take us further. The mind just takes a little longer to be noticed in society compared to what an exposed body can do temporarily. What is it in a temporary title that causes women to loose their everlasting power? The body and the mind are connected to the soul and from personal experience once a woman has given her body away in an form it chips away from her soul. A nice body is short lived but the essence of beauty is forever. This means that when a woman is true to herself it shows inward and outward not just in her appearance or her body. As for Nikki Minaj's new video Anaconda, I'm not fan of the video because it was a bit raunchy for her and her underage fans. I get that she's in a dominating male industry and she wants to be that number one female artist in that world. However, I am a fan of her simply because she has an it factor about herself which is much more then her body. Nikki is very talented and I believe that is what will take her much further then her assests. Ladies love and respect your bodies you only have one. Until next time, thank you for reading ~XOXO

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