Motivational Moment: Mother/Daugher Bond

When my feet brushed across the grass the morning dew awakened my senses. I took a deep breath and just knew today was going to be a wonderful day. Turns out the evil forces at on my job wanted to create mayhem by piling work on top of work and compliant on top of compliant. It made me think, “Did they have a bad weekend?” I know I enjoyed ever bit of mine. Then, I smiled. I smiled because when your happy and it shows evil will use anyone to bring you down. I thought about my mother because she’s the real reason why I keep going when I absolutely do not have it in me to keep going. This picture was taken in April. Just before I arrived in Massachusetts. She had passed out because of the large amount of fluid built up in her body and around her heart. She was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney disease and congestive heart failure. This women was laughing and moving around as if nothing ever happened. My mother and I were like those best friend post you see on Instagram but as I matured I started to see a different side to my mother. A side that was willing to make others happy even before her children or her own worth. I’ve seen her struggle with love, deception, and her own addictions. Yet, she always bounded back as if nothing was ever wrong. So, now when I have an unexpected bad day I’ll let it roll off my shoulder as if nothing ever happened because it could be worse.

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