United We Stand, Divided We'll Fall: Its Time For Change!

As much as I would like to blog about natural hair, style, or beauty, to have many of readers/subscribers engaged in conversation in the comment section of each post it would all be fraud if I didn’t acknowledge what is going on in the African American Community.

I want this platform to be full of substance about African American culture. A culture that has been diluted for decades and its being taught to a very confused generation. Years from now I want this blog to be apart of their history in the form of a motivational perspective. So, when the ugliness which has been resurfacing in the worst way they will have something great to refer back to.

Week after week young black men have been shot down. The authority has used their position has a way to feed their hatred on young teenage girls and now a young boy has taken nine lives because he wanted to start a race war. His mission was accomplish. Since the death of the Charleston Nine, five black churches have been burned and lash marks of are ancestors are bleeding once again.

Even living in a small peaceful town I would have never imagined that I would have to live in fear of my life or my loved ones life. When I first moved to the South I was blind to the fact that I had entered into a different world. As I became more aware of my surroundings and to live a comfortable life it was a struggle because I wasn’t from this place. I had no family or any liabilities to help me. My education wasn’t enough and the color of my skin wasn’t light enough to be qualified.

Nothing grows in this place but the greenery and generations of family wealth that hides behind hate. Here’s a status that a classmate posted about this quaint little town we live in.

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