Classic Trends: Fall/Winter Forecast

Who can smell Fall in the air? I know I can! Fall is that time of the year where you can mix/ match dark colors with a mixture of hue's and look absolutely amazing which is the some what similar to Spring. Go with colors that match your skin tone. Don't know what works? Well there are two types of skin tones; warm and cool. Cool tones have pink and blue undertones. Those of you who have a these types of tones would look great in light shades of pink, dark blues, and orange. Warm tones have yellow undertones. With this undertone you would look great in earthy colors and gold accessories. The first classic piece that should be a must have is a vintage wrap dress that will never go out of style. Pair this bad boy with a pair of pump and your good to go. I was so excited when I seen wide leg pants make a comeback. What more can you say? You can’t because it is a classic. When choosing a great wide leg go with a solid color such as, navy blue, black, grey, or tan.After Fall must come Winter. Don’t sleep on dark prints that can be transitioned into Winter. For instance, dark prints with an abstract designs. Let’s not forget about fall booties wit the fur. Lol! Whatever you decide to put together I’m sure it will be fabulous. #weRconfident PHOTO CREDITS:|

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