How To Find Your Purpose?

Many people search high and low to discover what their existence means. They ask themselves, “Why was I born? What am I doing with my life? I know I should be doing more but, what? For some individuals they know as early as childhood and for others it takes years. I personally, do believe that once a person is truly in tuned with self then they will know what their purpose in life is. Your purpose isn’t something that can be pushed on you by others or discovered randomly however, its an innate gift that gives you joy. It doesn’t matter if your gift isn’t making money because eventually it will give you something much more than a monetary return. What’s that you ask? Happiness. Its priceless and it lasts as long as your passionate about what you have to offer other and nothing or no one can keep you from your purpose useless YOU allow it. Happiness is the number one way to actually knowing what your purpose is. As the picture displays, once you’ve figured out your purpose share it with the world. Oh, but not just anyone. Those who will listen and those who get your happiness and it’s okay if people don’t understand what your sharing because everyone won’t. In return you’ll inspire hundreds maybe even thousands you just have to be confident. #weRconfident

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