A Letter to Self : Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Dress: Modern Day Boutique Shoes: Shoe Department
Dear Seventeen Year Old Self, Orange is a pretty color on you however, it is not the new black. Your intuition kicked in even before the day got started but you weren’t paying attention. There’s no need to be hard on yourself because this is the beginning of your story. Tell it with no regrets and don’t you ever allow anyone to make you feel inferior because of past mistakes. Pick your head up young queen your days may seem useless but there will be newcomers that will help you out of this mess. You’ll graduate from high school, get married to your high school sweetheart, and graduate two more times. It sounds unbelievable trust me I know. So, you see love there’s no need to walk with your eyes planned on the ground because where your headed people need to see you the real YOU! How will you be able to see them if your unaware of their presents if your not walking with your head held high? Yes, It may seem freakishly scary because of your past hurts but love I promise you there won’t be any pretending to fit in where your going. You’ll create something so beautiful it will inspire a generation that needs to hear about your rise to success. Although, you may feel like your not where you want to be in life it is the ability to encourage others through your journey and that’s what really counts. To my young ladies, stay focused on things that will take you places beyond what your mind can comprehend because this will be where you’ll discover your true passion.

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