History of Head Wraps

Did you know that when head-wraps first appeared on the scene that it was during slavery? Head-wraps were worn by men and women then, it eventually became an accessory for women while the men wore hats. It was symbolic for poverty and placing in a low rank or position. During this time according to research, in certain areas in the South, legislation required women to wear their hair bound in this manner. Head-wraps were more than a mark of enslavement forced on females by their owners. It was a decorative detail that was essential for the hair or head in several areas of Africa as well, especially in West Africa. These women wore head-wraps to verify themselves from region to region and thus a community was born.
What was once used as an object of oppression is used today as a personal expression of empowerment in a numerous communities. One in particular, that shots "We identify" is the Natural Hair Community. Yet, it wasn't until I watched one of the beautiful Yolanda Renee's video that I became interested in something so symbolic when I wore a head-wrap myself. If you follow me on Google+ or Instagram you've already seen the picture that I'm referring to.
I hope that this article enlightens those of you who have read this. Until next time, thank you for reading XOXO!

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