Newbie Natural Monday’s: Product Review

blue_mc In the beginning of September, I was a bridesmaid and I was so undecided how I was going to wear my hair. The bride told the bridal party that she wanted everyone to just do something that we had never done before and I was so excited to "Step Out Of My Comfort Zone." My first thought was to get a short, spiked sew-in but then I thought who was I going to find at the last minute to do my hair and could they find hair that had great quality for me. I couldn't think of anyone but when I'm browsing on social media I see all kinds of hair stylist doing their thang. I thought long and hard about what I was going to do and my last option was to get a wig and that's exactly what I did. I stopped by JD's Fashion and I seen this wig that was neck length,with loose curls, and burgundy in color. I wanted that style in black but instead she showed me what I'm wearing. The owners daughter and the other employee was very attentive and they didn't give up when they didn't have what I wanted. I had my thoughts about this short wig they showed me because it looked very granny like. The owner's daughter told me to try the wig on and to my surprise I actual liked how it look. This is a synthetic wig that can be washed with mild shampoo and curled with low heat. I will be going back to get some more wigs to keep my options open. A suggestion when wearing wigs as a natural chic, moisturize and braid your hair. Please do not neglect your hair because its covered up. This will be your foundation of how your wig is positioned on your head. When your done with your hair pieces you will notice a huge difference with your hair. Until next time, thank you for reading XOXO.

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