Newbie Natural Monday: Girl Talk

It has been a while since posting for that naturalista that just has had it with the different phases of her transitioning or natural hair. Look no further, Newbie Natural Monday's are back! Since, I'm still fairly new to the natural hair community there are somethings that I still haven't educated myself about. For example, I don't know what my hair type is. I could be anywhere in the 3b/c range or it could be 4a because of the zigzag action that's going on at the crown of my head. To be completely honest, in the beginning of my journey I wasn't to concern with what my hair texture was because I just wanted to focus on getting the processed hair out. Let's chat and educated some newbie naturals on today including myself. What changes do you add to your regiment in the Winter months? Do you prefer liquid leave-in verses a cream leave-in? Do you prefer old school products, new school products, or homemade products? Why? What's your favorite kitchen mixture? Why? What's a transitioning product that you couldn't live without?

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