Flawless Flaws 3

Hi Beauties, Today lets tackle what you don't like about your body and make it flawless. We are going to take your flaws and dress them up just like you would with your best features. For example, I would complain about my mid-section also known as, "the gut." I would cover my entire body with jeans and a t-shirt because I did not feel sexy due to some health changes that my body was/still is going through. However, when I got over the slump of feeling less than beautiful I began to wear clothing that would camouflage my gut like this dress. The old me would have said the same thing that you're thinking, " That dress is cute but my legs are too thick" or "My knees are too chunky." Yet, I challenged myself to make one small change when I wanted to put a little umph in my wardrobe. Now it's your turn, If you have a muffin top, gut, love handles, and/or a pouch I'm challenging you to make your flaws flawless. A dress like this would camouflage all the above including your arms. It worked for me and now I'm sharing it with you. Are you ready to get back to a more confident you? Flawless Flaws

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