Flawless Flaws 2: Met Gala Look

Hi Beauties, If you tuned into the 2016 Met Gala Event Monday night then you know the fashion was flawless and the theme was "Manus x Machina." In the simplest terms this means (hand). Humans over other beings in a (machine) techno futuristic way. Mesh the two together and you get fabulous stars in three deminsional designs. Here's what stoke out the most; hard medals, metallic (gold/silver), and things that shimmer/glow in the dark. The metallic made me think back when I shot this sleeveless dress. This is for my ladies who have flawless flaws. The neckline/sleeves are lined with silver, and there's also silver throughout the dress as well. Pair this with a long black blazer or duster, metallic or blue pumps, and the dress is the show stopper. Oh, Yes! As for your accessories, simple studs will do and a cuff or two for each arm. I like to be a little over the top sometimes when it comes to accessorizing but, if you're bold go for it. If not challenge yourself. Throne2 Throne

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