Find Your Summertime Foundation

Hi Beauties, I noticed in my last post the I was getting a little darker so I knew it was time for a summertime foundation routine. Summertime Foundation In this picture I am wearing a BB cream by Black Radiance. I knew this would be great for early Spring because it is a golden honey shade with a hint of red which makes it doable because of my warm undertones. Now that the UV Rays are in full force I had to go deeper. So here is what I did, I ordered Milani's Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 foundation in Chestnut because I thought it would be close to Black Opal's Nutmeg but it wasn't even close. I'm giving it away. From that point on I went into ever Wal-Mart until I found Spiced Almond. Don't do this because you will waste so much time. What you want to do is pick a brand that you want to stick with and pick 2-3 shades that you think will work. Here is how you can test which one is your match; Swipe each shade on your decollate (chest area) and the foundation that is close to you complexion is your match. The shade that is just a tad darker is your summertime foundation. You would use this same method in the cooler months. Here is what the foundation looks like in natural lighting: Summertime Foundation Summertime Foundation Are you summertime ready? XOXO

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