Fashionable Office Wear

Hi Beauties,Fashionable Office Wear Let's talk about fashionable office wear! To often women are judged for being fashionable in the workplace or being too bold, too outspoken, and too authentic. There are so many issues women deal with that are finally being discussed but fashionable office wear should not be one of them. Finally, our issues are at the forefront and being heard. However, one issue that I would like to touch on is that ability to be so confident in your own skin that it brothers the next person. It's like if you are comfortable in your skin, your body, and the way you dress it has to be limited because that's a no-no. As a short, somewhat round yet, curvy woman I am okay with how my body looks in fitted clothing. Limiting my style is something I will not compromise on just to make anyone happy. In fact, my favorite staple piece is a high-waist midi pencil skirt. This skirt will forever go down in history as a fashionable piece in the workplace or out the workplace. It accentuates my curves while being modest and I'm a print fanatic so it was like love at first sight. What is your favorite fashionable work wear? Fashionable Office Wear Fashionable Office Wear

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