Eating to Balance Your Chakras

Eating to Balance Your Chakras

Here's how Eating to Balance Your Chakras work. Whatever area of the body that' s experiencing dis-ease eat foods that are going to provide nutrients, support, and repair. In order to prevent chronic sickness or illness incorporate these foods daily.

What Are Chakras?

What are chakras? There are seven chakras within the body and each chakra house organs. In other words, organs are housed within a system such as the lntegumentary, Lymphatic, Muscular, Endocrine, Skeletal, Nervous, and Cardiovascular System.

Starting with the top of the head:

  • Fuchsia: Crown Chakra (Spirituality) - Foods that support are dragon fruit and raspberries
  • Usually Deep Plum: Third Eye (Awareness) - Foods that support are plums and eggplant
  • Deep Blue: Throat Chakra (Communication) - Blue berries, Blue raspberries, Black berries, and Elderberries
  • Green: Heart Chakra (Love Healing) - Leafy Green Vegetables
  • Yellow: Solar Plexus (Wisdom Power) - Golden Melons and Dragon Fruit
  • Orange: Sacral Charka (Sexuality, Creativity) - Oranges
  • Red: Root Charka (Basic Trust) - Beets and Strawberries

Chakra Auric Bodies

As a result, the energy that's put in the body will be exact energy that is radiated through the body which is called the Aura. Most biologist would call this chemistry. Therefore, this is why energy can be felt when crossing another person's path. Here is how you can read auric energy:

  • Fuchsia - Causal Body (Mental Aspect)
  • Usually Deep Plum - Celestial Body (Emotional Aspect)
  • Deep Blue - Etheric Template (Higher Physical Aspect)
  • Green - Astral Body
  • Yellow - Mental Body (Lower Mental Aspect)
  • Orange - Emotional Body (Lower Emotional Aspect)
  • Red - Etheric Body (Lower Aspect)

As you can see each auric body corresponds with a chakra and each auric body has an emotional or mental side.

The body is so amazing yet complex and once balance is created everything just flows. If you have any questions let's chat in the comments.

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