Healing Oils In A Bottle

What Is Healing In A Bottle?

Each oil has a special plant based formal that provides healing through the skin. The skin is the biggest organ of the body and it absorbs so much. Why not give your skin some plant love?

What's In the Oil?

 The aura healing bath & body oils are infused with plant based ingredients that nourish from head to toe, implore love, promote calmness and healing, plus abundance.

Calming Oil- Add a few drops to bath water or use as an all over moisturizer straight out the shower for a relaxing and soothing release.

Healing Oil- Add to irritated skin or scalp to soothe and of course add to bath water for relaxation. This oil is great for those that have eczema, bug bits, rashes, cuts, and burns.

Romance- Is a versatile perfume oil with no irritants. Add a couple of rich fragrant drops to a bath and fill your bathroom with love.   

Abundance- Is a versatile oil that promotes glowing skin and is great for swollen, aching body and joints.

*** This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and may not be for those who have severe skin condition. ***

Let your healing journey began.


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Hello good morning I’m interested in your oils can you tell me more they sound inviting😊

Rochelle December 07, 2021

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