Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Are you tired of the same old patterns?

It's funny how this video is almost a year old and I was so nervous but the part I like about this is that I had something to say and I don't like watching myself much because I see a shy, timid little girl whose doesn't live here. That didn't stop me. I still made the video and shared it. I want you to know that if your afraid to really live your missing out on who you can become. Whatever it is that you want to do it because if you don't the regret will hurt you much more and you don't want to live like that. I'm not saying quite your day job for your dreams because where you are can take you to where you want to be. You can't just say what it is you want if your going to work everyday and NOT investing in your dreams, vision, or goals.You have to work on it like your working on that job. When I say invest I mean pay your bills and save the rest. Don't double dip for those newly released shoes, Cd's, or concert tickets if you don't have it because in reality you don't. That money is an investment for YOUR BUSINESS. Yes, doing your own thing can be like your first day of school but confining who you are to make someone else's life comfortable is not living. I'm always nervous when I try new things but I want a better because good will never be good enough. Now go WORK!

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