Our Daughters Today

Thousands if not millions of teenagers are being assaulted online and offline. I previously stated, in another post that the younger generation look to other sources as being some kind of model to mimic.

However, when a parent has done everything in their power to raise their child/children correctly and that child has chosen to make the wrong decisions that has to be the most heartbreaking thing to fathom. I personally believe that I would have a tight grip on my child especially if it's a girl. From my perspective, there are way to many degrading things that automatically stereotypes females. For example, if a female keeps her appearance up she's prissy, if a female's clothes are to loose she's homosexual, etc.

This sixteen year old girl attended a house party with other teens and was drugged and taken advantage of. She was confident enough to speak out and tell her side of the story. Some of the sources at the party said that she knew what she was doing because she groomed her lady parts. These same sources went to twitter and continued the assault. Is there a generation of men that hate our daughters in today's society?

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