Little Girls, Wait!

During the course of last week, I came across a picture on Instagram of a 9 year old little girl wearing the new school daisy duke shorts. The picture was composed into a collage meaning that someone took several pictures of her, actually thought she was cute, and dressed appropriately.

What happened to parent(s) giving their little girls dolls to play with? The times when little girls wore ponytails with different colored bows and barretts in their hair. I'll tell you what happened. Their parent(s) never gave them a chance when they choose to put these babies in an adult position. It seems as if these little girls aren't allowed to grow through the necessary stages in order to grow into productive adults. This is why it's called a growing process. Personally, I believe that the parent(s)/guardian(s) are opening up a world that these girls wouldn't be able to comprehend. For example, attention from pedophiles, lack of respect for self/others, teen pregnancy, low self-esteem, and possibly becoming a high school dropout. All it takes is one person for these little girls to trust in order to cause them harm and trust is the number one ammunition for a pedophile. Parents are suppose to protect their little girls from harm such as this but, instead they are introducing them to the same cycle that was taught to them. I commend parents that teach their little girls daily how to respect themselves and their bodies so that they are aware of how others are to respect them.

Parenthood is a gift not a privilege and not everyone is capable of opening this gift.

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