One Year Loc Anniversary

1 Year Loc Anniversary

One day last week, I washed my hair and I randomly started recording. Not even being aware that it was my one year loc anniversary. I really don't know what leads me to be more attentive to my hair but its extra gurl!

There are a total of 85-87 locs. The volume is insane as you can see. My scalp can breathe but is still hella dry days after washing it. Every two weeks I do the AVC rinse just to clarify my scalp. It helps with build-up which is one cause of everything listed above.

Oils and products with botanical ingredients will work wonders. ( Almond, Grapeseed, Avocado, Coconut oil) just to name a few. Stay away from products that have alcohol, mineral oil, petroleum, and parabens. This includes dyes also.

Try not to style your hair every month. This creates tension at the roots which leads to breakage. Let your new growth have the spotlight for as long as you can. This is where you will being to see the transformation.

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