Life Lessons and Growth

The more I age gracefully the more I'm grateful for life lessons and growth. First off, I'm thankful for a since of style that I may or may not get right after visualizing it. My tip to you would be to not add bulk with bulk. What I mean by this is that the sweater I choose was bulky and although it did pair nicely with the jeans the belt added more bulk.

Here's how you can prevent this from happening:

  • When wearing a bulky top opt-in for a pair of structured legging with stretch at the waste. This will cinch the waste while creating smooth lines.
  • If you opt-in for a pair of pants or jeans pair it with a thin fitted shirt or sweater. This way the jeans are the focal point and the waist is front and center.

As for the BIGGEST life lesson and growth, I've come to realize that the "WORK" is more than the physical. It is that inner work and what's done with it. No matter how sour life can be get back up and make it sweet. Life tests generally takes us on a journey just to give us more of what we need.

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