Mario Badescu Skincare #MBSkincare

Mario Badescu Skincare #MBSkincare

Hey Beauties,

So, lately my skin has been doing the most. Then it's like, "Were good fam." I don't know if this comes with age or I just needed add a couple of steps to my routine.

As I stated in the video, I've been eyeballing Mario Badescu Skincare for some time now and I'm very pleased. Most people would think that since the skin isn't super irritated or inflamed that our skin doesn't need a regime. That is not the case.

A skincare regime is the start of a great foundation for makeup. Look at it as a cushion for the makeup to sit on. And, for those of us who need spf lean for products that are less harsh on the skin. Spf tends to have a thick consistency just like most primers so that's a bonus.

See you in the next post!

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