Jackie Aina #ABHxJackieAina

Jackie Aina #ABHxJackieAina

Hi Beauties,

In this tutorial, I'm going to be reviewing the Jackie Aina #ABHxJackieAina palette which it is giving us all the Falls feels. But first let me tell you the story..........

So, I almost had an attack because the mail carrier didn't have my package when she arrived over the weekend. I stood there looking at her while she fumbled with other packages in her truck. Now we all know that the Ulta logo can be seen a mile away and I just wasn't seeing it. At this point, I was having a serious meltdown but on the outside I kept it cool.

According to tracking, my package was delivered around noonish and she arrived at my house after two o'clock. She gather my tracking information to see if she could pin point where she dropped it off.

An hour later, she returned with my package stating that it was under several other boxes (side eye).

The next day, the mail carrier had left me a note in my mailbox saying that she apologize for the mix up and a sheet of Wood Stock stamps were her way of showing her appreciation.

Even though, the mail carrier did lie about the whereabouts of the package she made it right and that's all that mattered to me.

Here is the finally look........See you in the next post shuga!

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