Keeping the spice when traveling w/o your spouse.

20151128_162833-1A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work in another county to serve the community after the flood. At first I was apprehensive because I didn't want to be away from my husband for a week. Usually, when I travel alone the plan is to stay for about a week but it never worked that way until now. While I was away, there was something I had to consider which was discovering different ways to communicate with my husband. Ladies, let's keep in mind that they miss us just as much as we miss them so here are four ways to keep the spice sizzling while either of you are traveling: 1. If your spouse is not around during your departure leave love notes in specific areas of the house like, the front door, bathroom mirror, and the refrigerator. 2. Ladies, men like visuals so get risky with your text messages. Not too much but just enough for it to be sexy. Fellas, ladies like for you to be verbal. Tell your lady how much you love and miss her. What is it that you miss about her? Communication is key. 3. Send each other meaningful messages via text or email throughout the day. This builds up the momentum for when your spouse returns home. 4. If your tired of talking or texting without a visual then there is always other sources of getting your one on one time in. Skype your love and let the spice of love flow. Keep in mind this is just to keep things alive until you return home. Have fun and don't get to kinky. Let me know what are some ways you keep your spice alive while your away from you spouse? Remember keep it PG.

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