Jump for a Jumper

Jump for Jumpers

Hi Beauties, Don't you just love a good jumper? Jumping for a jumper should always be on a chicks wish list because it can be versatile for day or night. It is definitely a piece you should have when it comes to your wardrobe especially, if you are updating your look. Jumpers can be cool and comfortable or sassy and sexy. All depending on your mood you can just slip it on and you're done. Just before you accessorize, of course. Lol! If the jumper is the statement piece always keep your accessories simple. Not unless your bold like that. When choosing a jumper for your plus size body you want to pick one that will camouflage your mid-section. This is ideal if the mid-section is your trouble area. Now, if you are more on the busty side (round or apple-shaped) you want to choose a jumper that protects the girls. Notice all of the jumpers have what I call an invisible belt in the mid-section. This helps with the muffin tops or love handles. I don't know about you but that gets me excited. You do not want to emphasize anything that is not pleasing in your eyes. What you want is to feel confident about yourself in your clothing. Since, dressing is your way of expression you may not want to start a tug of war battle with your outfit . As for the hippie beauties, a jumper will play up those features and that's always a plus. So, if you are planning on slaying any day of the week or occasion plan what you're wearing days in advance.
Sleeveless Taupe Jumpsuit with Belt Model is wearing 1x. Tap for details.
Butterfly Jumper-back Model is wearing 3x. Tap for details.
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