Flawless Flaws: Brush Stroke

Hi Beauties, I recently watched Tyler Perry give a commencement speech to the 2016 graduating class of Tuskegee University via Facebook. He said, "never change the brush stroke on your canvas because of what someone else doesn't like." If your canvas is filled with bright colors then let it be. If your personality is goofy or corky then let it be. Those very same qualities that are different about you others will gravitate to because it's not fixed up pretty, its genuine, and relatable. I call them flawless flaws. Your art is an expression of who you are, what you come from, and what you're made of. As for me, mine is free. Free full of beauty, sass, stories, bright colors, and nappy hair. If you're here to inspire others then you have work to do. You must not second guess what you are doing and why you are doing it. Tune out the noise and listen to those who have valid opinions. These are businessmen and women whose had many test yet are successful at what they do. Don't fight any changes because things will change but your purpose should always remain the same. Flawless Flaws: Brush Stroke

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