Diverse Beauty and Fashion

Diverse Beauty and Fashion

Hi there Beauties, "One size does not fit all."

Whoever said it did must be Ray Charles blind. This pretty much fits the lack of diverse beauty and fashion that should be present in the industry by now. True enough, the industry has progressed and has broken many barriers but there's more. There's more due to the fact that most women are not represented as much as others are. Take the plus size sistas for example; she can have the darkest skin tone with an apple shape or inverted triangle shape with short hair and full lips. She will more likely be looked over for someone who is much lighter, thin in the waist, and stack like a stallion when it comes to working with brands.

There will always be more seeing that the world is evolving with means everything around it has to evolve as well. It's inevitable. Any way back to the topic at hand, the world is becoming more diverse which means brands will eventually have to fall in line. Simply being represented is key. Why not have a diverse representation of women with different facial features, body types, and ethnic backgrounds? Why? Since, beauty does not stop with just black and white or traditional features. Beauty comes in all shades.

"One size does not fit all" considering what works for a tall plus size woman will not work for a petite plus size woman. A variety of representation allows other women to become confident in their own abilities. Lack there of sends a message to others that they can never look or feel as good as the person modeling the clothes. When the message becomes more apparent and visible to the point that any woman can feel as stylish as the next then all women will be respectfully unified in the fashion industry. Let's break down barriers instead of building them. XOXO

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