Historical Accessory Love

Historical Accessory Love

Hey there Beauties,

There is so much that I have learned when it comes to the historical accessory love that we have for our accessories. And yes, as women we may not wear accessories everyday or even admit it but we like what we like. However, there is one thing that we have to have. Years ago, for me that was a watch now it is earrings. I fell so naked when I do not wear earrings. What is your it accessory?

As much as I enjoyed digging up the back history of accessories I hope that you will enjoy this video that much more. To see the evolution of style and fashion come as far as it has is amazing. Yet, if you think about it (this seems to be the my favorite line in the video. Lol!) not much has changed.

Here is a picture of Iman. Isn't she beautiful? Check out her crown and neck piece. Look familiar? Historical Accessory Love Be sure to stay connected throughout the month of March for more Women's History Month. XOXO, Modern Day Confidence

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