Modern Day : Casual Birthday Style

Modern Day : Casual Birthday Style it was. Casual Birthday StyleThe temptation of dressing up all grown and sexy like for my birthday this year was the plan. Nonetheless, with the amount of weight I've shed these lady lumps are not gracious. It was a NO for the dress! In my mind, these curls were slayed in a royal up-do of some kind. Still, I was okay with a twist out. Besides walking in spanxs and a dress would have been so uncomfortable. Plus, being ashy is not cute when it is all said and done. A modern-day : casual birthday style it was. Having a casual birthday style allows me to be who I am in the moment. So, every year I get this idea that I want a surprise birthday party/dinner yet every year I change my mind. Simply because I don't want to put any expectation or pressure on others. Life is to short to. Instead, discovering local places with beautiful sceneries is what I've enjoy the most. Even the food! Which is the second best thing since being on a new journey with food without the emotional attachment. Styling and food has become a muse for me to tap into a deeper understanding of how not to involve my emotions when I'm doing one or the other. When getting dressed I have to feel it. When preparing a meal it has to be satisfying with lots of colors. Colors on your body or in food are energizing, Try it for yourself. Okay, now let's talk about the five blocks me and hubby walked just to get this beautiful park. On every block there were artist. I even seen a mother of three playing the guitar. My love for the city is personal and it has me on cloud nine when I can be in the midst gifted creatives. Maturing or aging gracefully in a casual manner is a life worth living.
Casual Birthday Style Outfit: Kohl's Jacket (old)
Casual Birthday Style

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