A Guide To A More Confident You: Its Internal!

True confidence takes time and years to achieve which is a struggle. During my late twenties, I realized that I found my confidence after concurring the pain and fear that kept me bound for years. Here's 5 ways that helped me and may help in your journey. 1. Don't pretend like there's nothing wrong. I do not care who you are everyone has insecurities that stem from our adolescent years and has found its way into our adult life because these issues were never dealt with. The best thing to do is to face what's bothering you and stop hiding it because your only hurting yourself. Others can sense when your not secure in yourself and they pray on your weakness. Try keeping a journal, talking to a professional, or talking to a close companion who has been through what you are currently facing. 2. Everything is Not all "BAD." Make a list and check it twice! Seriously, create a list of the GOOD and BAD. This gives you a visual of what outweighs the other. If your GOOD outweighs the BAD then you'll be fine. If not then you have work to do. Here's another way of looking at your situation; When and if you "THINK" everything is all bad look at the positive because in every test there is a silver lining to make you that much more confident. You have to speak "GREAT" things into your life. "Negativity breeds more negativity," Positivity breeds more positivity." 3. Do what makes you happy. Stop doing what others want you to do. Stop giving all of your energy away to those negative Nancy's who just basically rob you of everythang. Just STOP, because they are partially the reason why your unhappy. Ever idea you've had they "wouldn't do it" but somehow they've robbed you. Misery loves company and the only way to stop living in misery is to find what makes you happy. 4. There is only one you! You are an original, you are your own blueprint. There is no one like you no matter how hard others try or you try to duplicate someone else. Jealousy and envy is such an ugly characteristic to have. It is very transparent which makes it hard to hide. Focus on your best qualities and if there is something that you don't like fix it. Figure out what your good at and maximize on your craft. If you have an idea of what it is you want to do but don't know what direction you want to go in it's okay to learn from someone else in the same line of work just remember to stay true to yourself. 5. Examine your surroundings. If your in a messy surrounding such as, gossip, control, anger, violence, etc. its time for a change immediately because you become what you are surrounded by. If you want better you have to do better and sometimes this means leaving behind your A1 from day one so you can get you together. It cost NOTHING to remove yourself from NOTHING that's not benefiting you or making you better. However, it will cost you your confidence if you remain stagnate. "It takes a millisecond to tear someone down and it takes that same amount of time to build someone up." Until next time inspire someone and thank you for reading. XOXO!

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