Uncovering Self-esteem

Uncovering Self-esteem

Hi Beauties,

It's time to get to real about uncovering SELF-esteem. The first step is to become aware of your inner potential. What are you passionate about? For this is apart of having a healthy mental state and uncovering self-esteem issues that hinders any success. Whenever, gifts and talents are masked just to fit in with the norm it causes self-doubt. Yet, when talents become realistic dreams others will doubt you and that's something that comes along with the territory. Life is NOT about living for others but becoming aware that no one is perfect.

Second, it's time to stop blaming others for what has happened previously and use that as a stepping stone to step right into a more evolved you. I know a lot of ladies wonder why they're single or why they continuously attract the kind of men that they do. The answers to these questions are simple you get what you manifest and also what you allow. Of course, there will be changes but only to better you as a woman. Otherwise, your invited to a people pleasing party and you're the host.

Self-esteem literally means "confidence in ones own worth and abilities; self-respect."

The number one reason for being let down is expectations. We expected others to do this and that because of the measures we've done for them. Yet, what you do for others you wouldn't do for yourself. Why is this? Simple, you may not have the same faith in yourself as you do others. If you don't believe in yourSELF how do expect anyone else to believe in you but you knew this already. Ladies, there is one thing that I love to do and that's beautifying women but it doesn't matter if being fly from head to toe doesn't match the inner beauty. It is just a mask!

Here's how you can change that, stop looking to control every aspect of your life. Certain things are destined to happen in due time but in the mean time find that "IT" thing that fulfills you. This "IT" is so fulfilling that you think about it all the time. Do you have it? Good, now write it down and work on it daily.

Keep in mind it's okay to acknowledge SELF. Women often tend to hide their full potential because of this huge notion that society says, "women have a place which is in a box." A box that silence the emotions of a woman's very being but are you courageous enough to not silence who you really are? When you're ready to move forward schedule a FREE 30 minute session to become a more confident you.

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