Three Ways to Wear Separates

3 Ways to Wear Separates

Hi, Beauties! Lately I’ve been getting, “Oh, I can’t wear that,” or “I wouldn’t know how to piece that together.” So, today is strictly for the ladies that think they can’t be fabulous with fat rolls. Yes I said it, because this is the only reason that's stopping you from dressing the way you pictured it in you head. I’ll show you three ways to wear separates as well as how to mix and match just five pieces to get three outfits. Outfit #1 Three ways to wear separates Is more of a casual outfit if you’re going to a concert on the weekend. I paired black high waist distressed jeans with a black crop top that has a pop of color and a vest to add flare. Now, I know what your thinking but hear me out. Crop tops can be appealing when done right and what I mean by right is with high waist jeans. It makes sense because they are slimming for the gut and love muffin which isn’t to revealing when worn with a crop top. Just a little skin will add sex appeal. Outfit #2 Three ways to wear separates Could be for your boo or a night out with the girls. A striped bodycon or any piece with strips for that matter looks great on a full-figured women as long as there is a balance. This is where the vest comes in to create less of an “Oh, my!” reaction in order to get an “Yasss” from your girls or a “Spin around” from your boo. Outfit #3 Three ways to wear separates Fashionable Work Wear! A woman with a career or business should at lease invest in a suit. The reason being is a two piece suit is a classic piece just like handling business. It doesn’t go out of style. Suits can be versatile just like the vest it came with. Try pairing it with a crop top, a satin top with an over sized bow at the neck, or a lace top. All depending upon the theme of the meeting or event this suit will be a win for sure. Now you’re ready to style those separates with Confidence!

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