Speak "Into" Your Spouse

To often, couples are not communicating with their spouse on an adult level. There is either one partner that has grown to another level which leaves the other partner trying to figure out where they belong in the relationship. So, the question is are you speaking ''into" your spouse? Or are you speaking through them?

When you truly speak into your spouse you speak to their soul. A soulful connection is eternal, special, and mysterious. It is beyond what the mind can comprehend and if you are paying close attention to your spouse you'll get a glimpse of it. There's nothing like learning, understanding, and seeing your spouse's full potential. Your partner's soul can hold the gateway to every aspect of what they are made of once it has been brought out of them. Speaking into the soul is more than just sexual penetration but, it's a soulful connection that has power. The power to build, the power to improve, and the power to tear down if you're not delicate.

If you want happiness you have to create it in your house, marriage, and in your committment. I'm not saying there won't be days that are unbearable but in order to have paradise there has to be something to look forward to. For instance, flowers and date night just because, or running bath water after a long days work. It all comes down to moral support.

Speaking through your spouse is demanding and controlling. Its lacking the know how to share one life together and it causes chaos which pulls couples apart. We do not want that. If you're the demanding talker shut your mouth and listen from time to time. You just may get lucky and turn things around but keep in mind that there's two people in a marriage.

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