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hair1 I absolutely love my natural hair but dislike the journey which, was no different from any other journey. It took time, patience, and trial/error when it came to finding the right products that would be a good match for my hair and curl pattern. As of March of this year, it has been one year since I've transitioned back to being a natural not because its a trend but because I started to notice that my hair no longer had the luster and fullness it once had. hair2 Just because I've kicked "the habit" doesn't mean that its still not a process. The only difference with being natural is heat. The less heat the better. hair3 Today I...
  • Washed with Shea Moisture- Raw Shea Butter/moisture retention shampoo.
  • Detangled with Just for Me/wide tooth comb or fingers- have to find a new product. (Dilute detangler in spray bottle)
  • Applied Design Essentials- Daily Moisturizing Lotion on wet hair.
  • Oil to seal in the moisture
  • flat twist for protective styling
Normally I would...
  • Wash
  • Condition
  • Leave-in condition
  • Detangle with comb
  • Oil
  • Protective Style
  • Silk Wrap
Design Essentials is a product that I was absolutely Iffy about while I was transitioning. It is not for that or fighting frizz due to the ingredient Glycerin. However, it has helped define my curl pattern more and it moisturizes like nothing else I've tried. It lasts for days. Before I started using this product my scalp was super flaky and dry. Would I recommend this or use it again? Yes, because I can combined another produce with this to help with frizz.

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