Natural Hair or Nappy Hair In The Workplace?

Natural Hair or Nappy Hair In The Workplace? Photo Credit:
Natural Hair or Nappy Hair In The Workplace? After going on interview, after interview, after interview I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I had the education but lacked the experience so they said. I was frustrated and I wanted to give up on numerous occasions because I knew a number of employers had gone paperless, which means everything was computerized. The next generation of children in elementary school could operate a computerized device so, why am I not qualified? I had to reevaluate my presentation such as, how I answered questions, how I gave eye contact, and how I was dressed. Was it professionally done? Did I speak clearly enough? The most recent interview I went on I wore a wig and I got a job. Not once did I think that the hair on my head would hinder me from being disqualified from sitting at a computer. I live in the South, a small town that is not designed for someone like myself and three blind mice could see that. I can feel the uneasiness from some and blank stares from my own kind all because of my individuality. I AM BLESSED! Blessed to be different and no job, or amount of money can change that. Blessed because I know that being a businesswoman is where my happiness lies. It took a long time for me to realize that I am creative, weird, and a tad bit eccentric. Yet, It’s okay with me and I’m at the point where I AM NOT MOVED by anyone else’s opinion of my style (flips hair). Everything is temporary and once I learn this job I know I’ll be able to apply it in a business aspect. Until next time, be beautiful, be you, be happy! Thank you for reading. XOXO!

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