Midnight Moon Mediation

Midnight Moon Mediation

The whole purpose of the Midnight Moon Mediation vlog was to catch the eclipse on camera. I was a little sadden by this however, I stuck to my word and still managed to get great footage.

I'm not even going to lie the ride to Tennessee was breath taken. I was amazed like I've never lived in the mountains in my younger years. As an adult, we start to pay attention to our surroundings and hunni I think I paid too much attention. My anxiety got the best of me when my husband was admiring the view coming through the mountain.

Mountain roads are full of deep curves and slops. Some roads have metal rails and some do not. So as he was turning his head in admiration while driving, My body had become so tensed.

FYI, if you are that driver take your time so that everyone can enjoy the ride without the shakes. Lol!

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