Make Up For Beginners: Nude Ombre Lippie.

Nude Ombre lippie Hi, confident queens! I hope all of you had an extraordinary New Year celebration. I wanted to share this simple but classic nude lip that is for any day of the week. These are the things you'll need; get a good lip moisturizer or chapstick, 2 brown lip liners (one light, and one dark), and a nude matte or cream lipstick. Nude Ombre Lippie Here's how you apply it: Step one: Moisturizer you lips just a little. Step two: Line your lips with the lighter lip liner. Step three: Apply your lipstick inside the area of your lips that has nothing on it. Blot your lips together so the lipstick and liner BLEND. Step four: Lightly line your lips again with dark brown liner and blot some more to give your lips a gradient effect. Ladies, be sure to BLEND like your next selfie depends on it. I hope that you enjoyed this post and have fun with your next lippie creation. Until next time, remember confidence is key!

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