Its Cleaning Season: Revived

Once a year, Spring cleaning comes around and people clean their houses from top to bottom. They get rid of old clothes or items that they don't have a use for anymore. Then again, there's the week before New Year's Eve to do the same thing before the new year comes in. Why not incorporate this same cleaning routine into your daily life? Just think about how relaxed and clear headed most people would be. I did just that when I attended my church's revival service this week. I was so worried about how I was going to make a number of things work within a short period of time. I prayed every night but I worried too much during the day. I kept saying to myself, "When is my turn?" Instead of remaining focused on my ideas, I was focused on the process which I had no control over. Once I began to shift my focus on other things, I began to see confirmations once in a while then they became more visible daily. I know my time is near because I can feel it. There maybe somethings that I have to do to position myself for this breakthrough in order to receive it and that's the beauty of being in a storm. So much beauty, that I received a phone call for a job interview that I wasn't expecting to hear from until the beginning of September. Its not a profession that I was hoping for but just maybe what I need for now. Sometimes I am in disbelief of how things are so visible when the mind isn't tuned in to unnecessary things. Those three nights of revival gave me a much needed renewal that will forever be priceless. I tell stories like this to encourage the younger generation not for self-gratification or pity. To let them know that their job, school, or home circumstances may not be what they want it to be right now so they have to MAKE a way for it to work for them.

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