Introduction to weRconfident

Introduction to weRconfident

This blog post is to introduce myself to my readers and in the near future encourage women to love themselves unconditional no matter what they have experienced in the past.

So let’s get to know each other! My name is Dorothy and I live in a small town in South Carolina. I’m still trying to adapt to southern living after being here for seventeen years. Coming from the cold streets of South Philly this is truly a culture change. This has truly been a journey that has caused me to become a confident woman that has stepped out of her comfort zone on many occasion. In my early teens and early twenties, I didn’t know who I was and that made me feel lost in more ways then one. I made all kinds of mistakes and I thank God for giving me chance after chance.

Now, I can smile all while knowing who I am and I loving me. Am I perfect? Absolutely NOT, but I’m learning not to make the same mistakes that I’ve witness in my childhood which is another story.
Life is hard and I’m not going to mislead anyone to believe that it’s the easiest thing to achieve. However, if you position yourself about positive and motivating individuals it will certainly change any negative outlook on life. It surely changed me. Welcome to the introduction to weRconfident.

Until next, thank you for reading.

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