Inner Beauty and Wellness Consulting

What is the Inner Beauty and Wellness Consulting Program?

If you're an avid listener of the podcast Confidence On The Go! then you know the details on the Inner Beauty and Wellness Consulting program that is somewhat new to Modern Day Boutique. Honestly, this change has been apart of the blog but not so much in the for front of the brand. As the owner, I just wanted the work to speak for itself. Now I see that I was fighting a change, The kind of change where I would have to lay my own story of healing on front street. Besides I think the world needs another beacon of light.

What does the Inner Beauty and Wellness Consulting offer?

The Inner Beauty and Wellness Consulting program will be a resource for those who are looking to transition into a healthier happier lifestyle. This change can be to improve physical or mental clarity which has been stated in the video. A chance to change eating habits that may have led to mental strains or generational trauma that needs to be put to rest. None of these obstacles are easy to face so why go at it alone? This is why I've personally put my stories in the Inner Beauty and Wellness Consulting program to show others that there is live after trauma. Those who become a client will also get a Inner Beauty Box that will contain products that can be used as a daily tool for decompressing and cleansing. Clients can also look forward to having daily accountability.

The Inner Beauty and Wellness Consulting Program is not your ordinary program. We Taken It Back.....Way Back Into Time, Lol! In all seriousness, the healing techniques that will be used in this program are ancient and I would like to share these techniques with those who are opened minded about their healing process. If not there's always the podcast and YouTube content that will be a guide as well.

What will be the outcome for the client?

  • Clarity and a different perspective on day to day life tasks.
  • Tools for cleansing the body physically and mentally.
  • A renewed mind when it comes to self-care
  • Respect for the temple
  • Breaking generational habits
  • Strengthen Will Power
  • Respect for Femininity

Remember change doesn't happen instantly or overnight. Being relentless with your evolution is key.

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