Divided by the Community: Darkskin vs Lightskin

Hello everyone! I hope all is well on this beautiful Monday. Today's topic is a little different then Newbie Natural Monday's and from time to time there will discussions other than hair because we are more then just our crown of glory. I would love for anyone that is interested in chatting with me on the topic of skin discrimination to join me on Twitter tonight at 7:30 p.m est. while the documentary Dark Skin Girls is on. It will be showing on OwnTv and shortly after that documentary Light Skin Girls will be following it. Please check your local listings if you are not on the east coast or this timezone. I ask that everyone gives the same amount of respect for other's opinion, experience, and not to be ignorant. When I say ignorant I mean not sympathizing with their story or with what they have to say. I hope you'll join me and #DLSchat #weRconfident.

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