Deep Thoughts: Happiness Starts with You.

As a writer for weRconfident, this blog is about empowering people in all aspects of being. Now, whether or not that inspiration comes from a celebrity or an ordinary person that shouldn't make a difference because we are all the same and looking for a solution to our madness. While, watching this short documentary by Beyonce she touches on the topic of being vulnerable which means, being likely or liable to physical, emotional, or a harmful attack. In the African American Community, vulnerability is looked upon as a form of weakness which also accounts for other issues such as, mental health and suicide. If we can't be vulnerable with our loved ones then who? In this clip, she states that there's nothing wrong with having these feelings and needing someone when being in this state of emotions. This is why it is a necessity to have those trustworthy social interactions with like minded individuals. Beyonce also goes on to say, that growing up her mother taught her to be strong and to never depend on anyone else to do the things that she was able to do for herself. We all can identify with a mother raising strong independent little ladies but how long does a women's strength last when everything is thrown at her? After all that she had observed and learned from her mother she was still that vulnerable human being that more so wanted relationships such as, marriage, motherhood, and sisterhood. Yet, out of everything music is her happiness.
#StepOutofYourComfortZone and do what makes you happy. Thank you for reading XOXO.

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