Classic Lace Ruching

Classic Lace RuchingEvery now and then it's okay to have detail in your wardrobe. However, it should be subtle and timeless. You can never go wrong with lace ruching as long as it's too much. Lace is one of those materials that's very feminine but will have you second guessing every time until you try it on. That was my exact reaction when I laid eyes on "Blush Lace" but I hunni was wrong! The mesh-up with lace ruching is the sexiest touch I've ever seen on a dress. Might I add, that the color of the dress has everything to do with that as well. By now, if you don't know what ruching is it's the gather material by the bust and front area of the dress. It will change yo (your) life when it comes to that stubborn muffin top and love handles. Ruching literally helps with camouflaging that love on top. As for the details on the back of the dress, the lace is transparent with a zipper which is everything. Classic Lace and RuchingMy only issues I had when shooting this was my back fat. IT WAS IN THE WAY, lol! Yet, I adored this picture because of how great I felt. No, not because of the dress but because I told by photographer/brother that I'm catering to plus size women and I want them to see what confidence is in this dress, in this photo, all up in through this post. I disliked my chubby knees, legs, and arms for a long time and what I know now is that I'm in my thirties I have to love me more before anyone else can. I'm not in my early prime years anymore plus, I've always been a healthy thick chic. Now, I'm a healthy thick chic with confidence in this fabulous dress. Wear your confidence proudly! #weRconfidence Interested in this dress? Click the link in the post or the pictures for more details.

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