Beauty on a Budget: Make up for beginners.

Beauty on a BudgetHello confident queens! Since it's getting close to Christmas, I decided that I would do a simple yet affordable look for those office gatherings or parties with friends and family. Let's start with prep and prime: In this case, I did not do but if I want my makeup to stay put I use milk of magnesia as a primer. I do this every so often to control my oily skin. To coverup any dark spots I use NYX dark circle concealer. It's a little pasty which doesn't allow me to blend like I thought it would allow me to but, it will do for dark marks alone. However, if you're looking for something to cover up undereye darkness try something that will BLEND into your skin instead of a product that will just sit on top of the skin. On to those brows, I used any kind of pencil as long as it's black or brown to fill them in slighty. I'm saying slighty so that my brows still look natural and not to cray-cray. Then I used a spoolie to BLEND out any harsh lines. After that, I shaped/cleaned my brows up with LA girl pro concealer. This is the highlighted area under my brow. Be sure to BLEND the top and bottom. Its okay if it is noticeable under your brow but not on the top. This concealer is great for any skin tone. On my eye lids, I used a palette that I purchased last year from BH cosmetics which was created by Missy Lynn. I promise that this is the only palette I use because the colors are neutral and baked. Yes, baked eyeshadow. They tend to be more pigmented and are less messy than the traditional eyeshadow. Then on top is Wet-n-Wild coloricon in Brass which gave it a touch of glam. It is very creamy and I found this at my local Dollar General. Yup! Dollar General. I had to add a little flair with Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner for a little cat eye. If you choose to add mascara and line your waterline you can. No look is complete with out it but in this case I didn't use either. Any kind will do. I normally try to purchase it from Wal-Mart or Fred's. Let's get into this face: The foundation is no other than Black Opal True Color in Nutmeg. I really like this foundation and it took a lot of researching and asking question to figure out what my match was. There aren't to many cosmetic brands that cater to women of color and Black Opal literally does that. You will not be disappointed with this brand if you try it. On my lips: Is a mixture of Covergirl Hot Passion and Milani Best Red. I purchased one from CVS and the other from Wal-Mart. Don't forget to line your lips and set your face. Queen's I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did let me know in the comment section. What other tips you would like to see? Keep in mind I am a beginner just like you. XOXO. Beauty on a Budget Beauty on a Budget

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