Ambitions Business Makeup

Ambitions Business Makeup

Hi Beauties,

Have you been watching the OWN series Ambitions? From the Ambitions Business Makeup to the fashionable business wear this scandalous show will have you wanting more with each episode. If you have been watching share your takeaways from the show. If you have not been watching GURLLL get caught up so you can join the discussion.

Each character has their flaws but if I had to pick which leading lady is my favorite it would be Stephanie, Rondell, and Bella. Sorry, I can't pick one!

Each one of these women have their own drive and they will not let up. On the other hand, their style of makeup and attire fits who they are. In day to day life that's exactly how we as women should show up. Powerful!

Powerful meaning not taking from others to get what you want. Yet, powerful in who you are and what you stand for. The outside world doesn't know you yet so why not show up in a way that is a mirrored representation of you. If that's a casual plain Jane, a beast of a boss, or a city girl that enjoys brunch with the girls on Saturday's then by all means show up just like that.

See you in the next post!


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