4 Ways to Style a LBD

Hi Beauties!

In this style report, there's no chic chat just 4 ways to style a lbd.

Dressing up a black dress does not have to be complicated and it shouldn't be over done either. So here is how you can keep it simple.........

Play it up with more black! Duh!

Black on black is THEE sexiest thing ever. On a person or object. Black is a rich and powerful color and I don't care where you are going it turns heads.

Stop being boring when it comes to matching. Add texture!

Throughout the clip, you'll see that the boots I'm wearing have texture. The jacket has two textures. That's a visual which leads to the next point.

Add a POP of color and/or Pattern!?

Yup that's right! This is where things can get tricky for some of us girls but if you understand color theory and you have a good eye you'll be just fine.

Since the dress is black, the pattern of choice can have black in it as well. Not too much to where the focal piece is no longer the focus. Now when it comes to the pattern, it can be as bold or subtle as you like.

Did you see the way the last look is styled? It is subtle with neutral accessories. The pattern of choice is in the head wrap along with the texture of the jacket, boots, and bag.

Ok Beauties, I hope you enjoyed this post. Until the next style report, Later!

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