Fatshionably Fab Fall

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Fatshionably Fab Fall

Fatshionably Fab FallHi Beauties,

I know you’re wondering what fatshionably fab fall is all about and I’m going to explain what it is. First, I would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting Modern Day Confidence in any way, shape, or form. It really is appreciated.

So, here is what a fatshionably fab fall is all about. Being able to look at your plus size body and tell yourself that it can be celebrated. It is being one with your stretched skin, muffin top, and back fat. The ability to say, “the hell with anyone else’s standards.” I have confidence in myself and I love every inch of my fabulous self. You are not just a pretty face but a beautiful soul and the body attached is your palace.

Fall is naturally that time of the year where we tend to go full throttle with our personal style. Expect to see subtle fall colors, bold printed dresses, and vibrant solids. Let’s not forget anything that shines and shimmer. Then there are others that watch behind a technical device wanting to have the same confidence that they see other women project. Why can’t you have that same level of confidence? You can! What are you afraid of? NOthing, but yourSELF! What is holding you back? YOU!

I’m here to tell you that you have only one life to be fat, fierce, and fabulous. In exactly 37 days, a new year will be here. Are you going to do something different for yourself? Yes, because the more you change, the more you will grow personally, the more you will live in your truth. Will you be confident enough to take that leap to be fatshionably fab for the fall and beyond? Absolutely! I believe in you that much, do you?

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