Newbie Natural: Protective Style

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Newbie Natural: Protective Style

Protective StyleNewbie naturals, protective styles are a must any time of the year.

If anybody knows HOW HOT it is in the SOUTH! Ugh, it is miserable. So, I had to call my cousin Z’nita Cox to make an appointment to get my hair braided. It was an all day thing but It was cool because I think it was much needed for the both of us.

I guess you can say it was a girls day – where we laughed, talked about our men, and how it makes a difference when family shows you how to live instead of living for you.It makes a world of a difference when you begin to create a life of your own.

Back to this protective style, I absolutely love individual braids because there are endless ways to style them such as, a high ponytail, a low ponytail, a bun, or a braided updo on top of the braids. Not to mention if your stylist doesn’t braid your scalp protective styling do stimulate growth along with moisturizing your scalp.

Use the hashtag #weRconfident to show your stylist some love and those protective styles.

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