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Clarity Session

During this session you are in full controll of getting to the root issue of your physical wellbeing. You’ll leave the session with understanding and direction to move forward.

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I’m Dot.

A soul viben, rhythm balancing, style loven, intutive, book diving nerd. Here to service you with falling in love with your inner beauty and wellness. For years I’ve assited loved ones with health concerns and now I’m opening up my expertist to the public. With a strong educational backgroud in Psychology I can tell you that every day won’t be perfect but more beautiful days will present itself once clarity is recieved.



Clarity Session

1 on 1 session for an hour to get clear on what it is that you feel is an obstacle.

Cleanse & Meditate

Group vibe time session for 45 minutes. This session will require cleansing a few days before session begins.


15 minutes for updates or checkups ONLY.

Ancient Tools Customized to Your Specific Needs

“It’s a Luxury to Hit a Mild Stone In Life Yet Another to Heal Yourself During The Process.”


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